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Fashion Advice

[whitespace] Miss Pinkie Shears

Miss Pinkie Shears

Dear Pinkie,
Help. I don't have anything to wear to work tomorrow! What should I do?
Out of Outfits

Dear Out,
Remember "Sick Day" is not necessarily about "sick" but rather "sick of." Since you are sick of your wardrobe you need to launder your clothes and go shopping. Why not schedule a late morning massage or facial followed by a pleasant stroll through your favorite shopping district? Late lunch and tea should have you home in plenty of time to move the laundry to the dryer and to enjoy a little reading before having dinner with a friend you haven't seen enough of.

Any feelings of guilt will be alleviated by the knowledge that your refreshed radiance can only bring joy to the others in your workplace.

Dear Pinkie Shears,
What is the rule for pants cuffs? How high and how thick and how much is too much?
Rolling Along

Dear R.A.,
Fashion rules are for weaklings and sycophants. If you can make it a statement, then you can wear it. If you crave more structure, as a general point of reference, keep this thought in mind whenever you stand in front of your mirror, "Do I look like an ass?" If your answer is affirmative, ask yourself, "Do I care if I look like an ass?" A negative response should have you strutting out the door.

On a personal note, Pruscilla (my assistant, as many of you already know) has met a charming young man. I can't tell you how thrilled I am. She was seeming so listless and despondent. Initially she felt unsure of his trustworthiness, but I reassured her that the head mold maker in a vegetarian candle factory was probably not a career fabricated to impress her. So please, if you run into her, remember that I did not mention this budding romance. Otherwise fear not for me; Pruscilla has an innate disinclination from magazines and newspapers.

In need of style advice? Send all queries to Miss Pinkie Shears, San Francisco Metropolitan, 1776A 18th St., SF, 94107. Miss Shears cannot be reached by phone.

Contest winners will be announced in the next column.

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From the May 18-31, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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