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Produit de la France

[whitespace] Nickel
Manly Makeovers: The new line of men's products by Nickel imported from France can transform any man from blah to ooh la la.

Nickel: The latest beauty import for men

By Diana Rupp

The ineffable allure of Frenchmen: They smoke, they wear berets, they pout. And somehow they still maintain a masculine je ne sais quoi. Straight out of Paris comes a new line of men's products by Nickel to transform a guy from blah to ooh la la.

  • Sauve Qui Peut--Peppermint Hair Treatment. Suffering from dandruff or hair loss? This invigorating tonic has silicon and pro vitamin B5 to stimulate hair on the cellular level and help regenerate the scalp. 6.41 oz., $27.

  • Lendemain de Fete--After the Party. Treat your hangover with a caffeine- and menthol-enriched facial: the unroasted coffee complex reactivates and stimulates the skin's natural processes, reducing unsightly puffiness and dehydration. 2.6 oz., $40.

  • Contre-Feu. Calm and soothe post-shave burn with a light aftershave gel. Glycerin and allantoin speed up the healing of razor cuts. 2.6 oz., $31.

  • Bonne Geulue. A moisturizer that has the bases covered--take your pick according to skin type: de peau blond has a blend of vitamins to nourish dry, sensitive skin; de peau brun uses fruit acids to control shine and even out dark, blotchy tones. 2.6 oz., $38 (each).

  • Massage Canaille. Feel stress and muscle tension melt away with a chili-pepper-infused oil rubdown. 9.9. oz., $26.

  • Corps de Glace--Body Cooler. Specializing in the three Rs--relief, relaxation, refreshment--this all-over body gel is the perfect follow-up to Massage Canaille. Ruscus and chamomile extracts soften skin. 6.24 oz., $29.

    Nickel is available exclusively from Bliss SPA. Call 888/243-8825 for more information.

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  • From the June 1-14, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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