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Concrete Runway

[whitespace] Bradford Noble

Gasser parking lot, Second @ Howard

Photos and Text by Elana Koff

Name: Bradford Noble

Age: 30

Occupation: Fashion photographer

What are you wearing today?

Jacket: I bought this in Los Angeles.

Shirt: From the Rolo outlet on Ninth and Howard.

Pants: Found them at a brand-new used-clothing store between Polk and Van Ness, around the corner from Galaxy Theater. It's a cool store.

Belt: Dolce Gabbano, bought in France.

Shoes: Buffalo Shoes in London, but I know that Shoe Biz, on Haight, also sells 'em.

Glasses: Oh, they're cheap generic ones.

Where do you get your hair done?: Di Pietro Todd Salon. Simon or Andrew Todd cuts my hair and Melissa is the colorist. They are really good.

What mags do you read?: Detour, Photo District News, Vogue Italia (for inspiration), Life and Paper.

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From the June 1-14, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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