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Match Made in Hayes

[whitespace] Junebug
David Fortin

Modern Must-Haves: At Junebug there is at least one of every wardrobe essential for sophisticated modern females.

Junebug, a women's clothing store, moves in around the corner from her male partner, Nomads, in the Hayes Valley

By Jenny Shears

One of San Francisco's most popular bachelors has finally settled down. But rather than eliciting the usual disheartened sighs, the news has even single females beaming with delight. The women's clothing and accessory store Junebug took up residence just around the corner from her male partner, Nomads, in the Hayes Valley boutique enclave.

Their partnership is a match made in clothing heaven. Both Junebug and Nomads have a stock of fashionable yet highly wearable apparel, while Junebug plays the sophisticated female yin to Nomads' unmistakable masculine yang. Filling the urban yet light and youthful retail space are goods of the same description--most of the pieces chosen from New York staple lines such as Miss Sixty, Equipment and Jussara. What Junebug lacks in space it makes up for in a discerning selection of key elements. There is at least one of every wardrobe must-have: the perfect shirt, skirt, pants, shoes, belt, purse, scarf, sunglasses, earrings. For thoroughly modern females, Junebug knows the importance of the essentials.

Junebug, 514 Laguna Ave., Tue.-Sun. 12-6pm; 415/863-5284

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From the June 15-28, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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