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Makeup Milanese

[whitespace] Pupa
Pupa Scoop: Grab these sea-inspired shades before they 'shell' out.

Pupa's Eurochic kits bridge Bardot and Barbarella

By Dara Colwell

Pupa cosmetics from Milan are like Italian women: well-packaged, fashionable and a touch tempestuous. Synonymous with chic, unconventional makeup, Pupa offers a wide range of refined and highly elegant shades--a luxury that is easily affordable.

Due to its packaging--a glossy, blood-red line that has an '80s Euro-glam flavor--and an eye for original colors and textures, Pupa makeup is for women who want a walk down the catwalk. That or they just want to look damn good pulling a compact out of their purse.

Pupa carries two distinct makeup lines: the BRIGHT TREND, featuring bright sunshine-inspired colors, and the DEEP TREND, with hushed woodland tones, both formulated to render even the most bizarre makeup more natural.

Translucent colors such as Light Dust or Extra Pearl eye shadow ($15) give a shimmery, doe-eyed look; more basic shades in cream and coffee colors lend an air of sophistication to a more minimalist one. Pupa also carries blushers, foundations and nail polish to cover every possible surface.

The most fun are the makeup kits featuring a variety of themes: shell-inspired kits such as Coccinella and Pupelles, as well as the elaborate Carillon, which looks like a merry-go-round right out of Mary Poppins. There are also sweet minikits such as the Brilliant Kit ($30), a lime-green kit that contains all the makings for a night on the dance floor: crystal lip glosses, an all-over glitter gel and bright dreamy eye shadow. Dab this stuff on, and you're ready to audition for a space-age Robert Palmer video.

Pupa is sold in more than 70 countries worldwide, including Japan and Russia, and can be found at Sephora on Stockton Street. Or just click onto their site at www.pupa.it to view the range and revamp your rusty Italian.

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From the June 21, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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