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Clubs: A Guide



Sister, an eclectic all-girl DJ party, recently moved to Deco. Filled with DJs and promoters relaxing and mingling after hectic weekends, it's the best thing going on a Monday night. At Deco, 510 Larkin St; Mondays, 9pm; $5.


The Oblivion boys run this late-night, truly underground sound session. The club's open till 4:30am. The vibe just doesn't get any deeper. At 1015 Folsom, 1015 Folsom St; Tuesdays, 10pm; $5.

The only club in SF devoted to trannies and tranny-chasers. Performances every night. At The Stud, 399 Ninth St at Harrison; Tuesdays, 10pm-3am; $3.


A new party featuring techno DJs sho, sutekh, marcusmiller, jonsantos, positive p, joerice and kitclayton. At Il Pirata, 16th St and Potrero; Wednesdays,10pm; $3.

Buggin' Out
House and drum and bass on alternating weeks in this intimate Haight Street club. At The Top, 424 Haight St; Wednesdays, 9pm; $3.

Come Unity
A legendary party that's been happening for years and is still going strong. At 1015 Folsom, 1015 Folsom St. at Sixth; every first Wednesday, 10pm-4:30am; $7.


Highly recommended drum and bass night with lots of girl DJs working the turntables. At Kate O'Briens, 579 Howard St. at Second; Thursdays, 10pm; $5.

The Box
One of the most colorful, friendly evenings SF has to offer. Brothers and sisters and their friends bounce in one enormous jampacked room to smooth soul, hip-hop and house. A definite must! At 715 Harrison St at Third; Thursdays, 9pm; $6.


Sophisticated house music with DJ Chad Mitchell. Featuring special guest MC Dan Smith and other local underground talent. It gets mobbed, so get there early and be prepared to sweat. At Liquid, 2925 16th St; Fridays, 10pm; free.

Fag Friday
The music never skips a beat at this cruisy all-night party. It transforms into Other Whirled in the early morning and goes strong till 3pm. At The EndUp, 401 Sixth St. at Harrison; Saturday afternoons; $5.


This three-year-strong club really gets moving after 2am. David Harness and Blackstone serve up fierce deep-house music for a massive throng of shirtless muscle boys. At Club Townsend, 177 Townsend between Second and Third; Saturdays, 9:30pm-7am; $10.

A trendy, mellow-house night featuring DJ Lewis and Ellen Ferrato. Sashaying drag queens mix with flannel-clad pinball players in this intimate club, but be forewarned--though the sign above the entrance says "Everyone's Welcome," the promoters are terrified of being overrun by an influx of bridge-and-tunnel types once word about this soiree gets out. At The Stud, 399 Ninth St at Harrison; first Saturday of every month, 10pm-3am; $5.


Tea Dance
A San Francisco tradition. This Sunday daytime club is packed with the city's most hard-core partiers, tweakers and adventure-seekers. Exhilarating debauchery. At The EndUp, 410 Sixth St at Harrison; 5am-2am; $5.

Compiled by Michelle Goldberg and Hakeem Oseni.

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From the June 29-July 12, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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