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Home Grown

[whitespace] Sativa Silk Powder
Silky Smooth: Sativa Silk Powder, made from silk dust, dried herbs and arrowroot, leaves skin scented, smooth and dry.

The lastest in hemp-based body care

By Diana Rupp

It won't make you high, but it will revitalize your skin. Harvested from nonpsychoactive Cannabis sativa plants, hempseed oil is rich in Omega-3, an essential fatty acid that smoothes, heals and moisturizes. Even mainstream corporations like The Body Shop are promoting hemp-based beauty products.

"There's no legitimate reason for the prejudice against it [Cannabis sativa]," says SF's Red Rooster and Sense Inc. co-founder Sean McGary. "We're a botanical company, and what we're saying is it is a single plant like any other plant, and we can choose to use it in the best ways and to the best effect possible."

To this end, Red Rooster has developed the following high-quality aroma-therapeutic skin- and hair-care products, all of which contain hemp as a main ingredient:

  • Sativa unisex perfume--a blend of 36 essential plant oils extracted from flowers, stems, roots, leaves and barks--is formulated to smell like Cannabis sativa in bloom, $32.95.

  • An alternative to petroleum-based pomade with synthetic fragrance, Sativa Hair Pomade conditions hair without leaving it greasy. Applied heavily, the mixture of jojoba oil, organic olive oil, hempseed oil, organic beeswax, orange wax and herbal extracts aids in the formation of dreadlocks, $9.95.

  • Northern Green shampoo and Southern Gold conditioner, inspired by the forests and beaches of California, cleanse, de-tangle and condition all hair types, $9.95.

  • Kind lotion for hands and body is made with oatmeal and hempseed oil to protect, soften and nourish the skin, and has the same fragrance as Sativa, $9.95.

  • Silk Powder--a blend of oatmeal, cornstarch, dried herbs, arrowroot and real silk dust--won't clog pores and comes with a hemp applicator, $15.95.

Check out Red Rooster and Sense products in their newly opened retail store, located at 442 Haight, Wed.-Sun. from noon to 6pm, 415/864-4460. Or call 800/SATIVA-2 for a catalog.

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From the June 29-July 12, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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