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Concrete Runway

[whitespace] Jenn Sunflower-Fish 16th and Valencia

Photo and text by Elana Koff

Name: Jenn Sunflower-Fish

What do you do?: I'm a DJ and fashion designer.

What are you wearing today?:

Collar: Found it in Oklahoma City in a park.

Jacket: Salvation Army two years ago in Santa Cruz.

Vest: I made a pattern and constructed it last month. I gathered the fabric from L.A., New Jersey and Discount Fabrics.

Skirt: It's Whitney's, my friend.

Tights: Whitney's.

Cardigan: Whitney's grandmother.

Shoes: Bought them from Shoe Biz today.

Purse: I bought the yarn in Oregon and crocheted it. It holds the things that are special to me.

Jewelry: All of my jewelry I either find or it's given to me.

What magazines do you read?:

My favorite mag is called Zavtone. It's half Japanese, half English. It's not yet available in the States, but my friend works on it. The graphics and pictures are beautiful. Generally, though, I don't read magazines. My friends and I read zines of an activist or punk nature.

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From the June 29-July 12, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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