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Tara's Advice

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Sage of Aquarius

Dear Tara,
I've read your column for some time now, and what can I say? Girl, you blow me away! Have any Tibetans been in touch with you? Because I seriously think you're the reincarnation of a powerful lama. My friend Joe thinks that either you've been schooled by a) aliens or b) aboriginal shamans, but I'm still betting on Tibet. So give, girl--what is the source of your timeless wisdom?
Sincerely, Tara-rized

Dear T-rized,
There is an image from an ancient Welsh poem that hits me with great force right now. In the poem, the poet describes a tree, one side of which is bursting with fragrant leaves and flowers, and the other side is consumed in flame. Because on the one hand, T.R., your letter fills my heart with honey-sweet joy that I have in some small way helped to ease the burden of even one soul with my simple messages of love and healing. But on the other hand, I feel crispy like burnt wood that someone would idealize me to the extent that you have, against all my expressed intentions.

Don't you see, T.R., that when you magnify me, you diminish yourself? The Age of Aquarius dawns, my friend, and in this new era there is no room for the outdated, slave-like relationship between master and disciple. Gurus must now come down from their lofty peaks. Everyone is special and unique in some way. My gift may be significantly larger than yours, but that doesn't mean that you are not a truly precious soul yourself.

As much as I'd love to continue this vital and poignant conversation forever and ever, I'm running out of column space, and I need to head down to my building's washer and dryer before some bitch tries to take out my load before it's all the way dried. Until we can commune again, my beautiful spirit-brother, I suggest you pick up a catalog from one of many of SF's fine colleges and see which classes call out to you. For hardly any money at all, you can be educated in any of a variety of subjects. Who knows? You may find yourself the next Arsenio Hall, or the next ... I don't know ... the next what's-her-name, that 7-year-old girl who flew that plane a few years ago. The sky's the limit, T.R., if you only dare to dream.
Inspirationally yours, Tara

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From the July 5, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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