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Surreal Art

[whitespace] Art Felt

By David Boyer

Though he has since decided not to sell them, for a day or two, local artist Harmon Leon displayed his latest works, "The Lost Cat Series," at the Mission's City Art (828 Valencia). These paintings--no doubt inspired by the pain and desperation of authentic lost pet posters--caused us to reconsider the artistic merit of these heart-wrenching photocopied pleas. We have since scouted local dog parks and scooped up what we consider the pick of the litter.




Seen any other works of street art you think the kids should know about? Help us catalog the scene by sending a photo (or at least the location) to Real Art, c/o San Francisco Metropolitan, 1776A 18th St., SF, 94107 (or email us: [email protected]).

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From the July 27-Aug. 9, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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