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Concrete Runway

[whitespace] Cynthia Collins Lower Haight

Photos and Text by Elana Koff

Name: Cynthia Collins

Age: 19

What do you do?: I work at Papyrus Stationery store on Fillmore. I go to City College to study fine art.

What are you wearing?:

Jacket: It's a friend's. She bought it in the Haight.

Skirt: I bought it at Villains last fall.

Shirt: Crossroads last week.

Bag: Macy's about one year ago.

Shoes: Shoe Biz in the Haight.

Where do you get your hair cut?: Vidal Sassoon

What magazines do you read?: Jane is the only one I'll read. I flip through, but don't buy, Vogue, Surface and Wallpaper.

Personal mantra: Don't overwhelm yourself with life. I make it a point of having an equal balance of work and play.

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From the August 10-23, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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