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[whitespace] Miss Pinkie Shears

Miss Pinkie Shears

Dear Ms. Shears,
Please ask the friend of "evil genius" if s/he has bothered to stick their head out of the front door lately.

Here is a more serious question: Americans tend to wear plimsoles (called sneakers over here) too often. I am sick to death of wearing oxblood doccers and would like to know: Where can I purchase shoes that are neither the trendy block-heeled-square-toed things that most women in San Francisco and Essex Co., UK, seem to have taken to, nor the ubiquitous Payless shoes? My shoe budget is $75-$200 and comprehends a well-made, long-lasting shoe.
Thank you, Leigh K. of Hayes Valley

Dear Leigh,
As I read your letter, I am struck by a wave of nostalgia for that first pair of shoes that Salvatore made for me in the third grade (I was his youngest customer) with the money I earned doing the homework of my six older brothers. The difference in this case is that if I do your homework you end up with the shoes. Given your budget and what little I can discern of your tastes, first check out the stores in your own neighborhood like Bulo, Gimme Shoes and Asphalt. There are also myriad shoe stores on Upper Haight, Downtown, Upper Grant, the Marina and, I'm guessing, even Daly City. Since you seem to be looking quite a bit at the footwear of strangers already, why not ask those whose shoes you do admire where they purchased them? I cannot recommend Ferragamo shoes any longer, I'm afraid. They became so crass and common after His death. Even though I have a friend who lives and breathes over her satin bowed flats, I have it on good authority that she "has a tendency toward instability."

As it is almost teatime, and I'm feeling a bit misty about all the wonderful shoes that have worn out or walked by during the years, I think I shall pour myself a splash of whiskey and peruse a picture book. Happy hunting.

PS: I'm off to Los Angeles to attend the birthday ball of a dear friend. I do try to avoid that fair metropolis, as it is extremely trying. From a poolside brunch to a cocktail reception at the new Getty, I am barraged by the insecurities of the rich and famous who realize their fortune is unwarranted and mine is not. If you must go south, follow my rule for sanity: Believe everything you're told but remember that tomorrow it's all bullshit.

In need of style advice? Send all queries to Miss Pinkie Shears, San Francisco Metropolitan, 1776A 18th St., SF, 94107.

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From the August 10-23, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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