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Makeup à la Mode

[whitespace] Lip Blush by Chanel
Lingerie for the Lips: Whether applied dramatically for a look reminiscent of a '30s flapper or spread evenly for an all-over pout, Lip Blush by Chanel has a soft, velvety texture which creates a variety of stunning effects.

Chanel revamps drop-dead red

By Diana Rupp

FINDING THE PERFECT dark-red lipstick can be something of a challenge. Mattes tend to dry up and leave behind a stubborn, crusty layer of pink gunk. Although they are pretty, berry-tinted stains tend to lack real staying power. Cremes are a safe bet, but they don't have the dramatic depth of a matte or the subtle warmth of a stain.

So what's an aspiring siren to do? Try something completely different. Chanel's newly released Lip Blush, part of the company's aptly titled "Temptress" collection, defies all the old categories. Falling somewhere between traditional lip color and rouge, the product's soft, velvety texture creates a variety of stunning effects. Go for an almost-natural, just-bitten look by lightly blotting on (the tip of the ring finger works best), or glam it up by adding more color and a clear, high-gloss lacquer.

It is available in four shades. The best are limited-edition Bizarre--a dead ringer for the now ubiquitous but still irresistible Vamp--and Kissed, a wicked blue-red (known as Lucifer in France).

Retailing at $28.50, Lip Blush would be a little pricey if it didn't come in a classy black Chanel compact. Whipping out the signature double Cs in the powder room instantly sets you apart from the MAC brigade--making it well worth the investment.

Chanel cosmetics are available at major department stores.

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From the August 24-September 6, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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