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We Are Not Slaves to Fashion

Real people photographed at two SF parties, one on Mt. Davidson and one in the Haight, on Saturday, July 26.

San Francisco is a city that doesn't give a rat's sash about styles of the moment. While Parisians, New Yorkers or Los Angelenos may sniff that we're not properly attired, or at least not as au courant, did we ask for their opinions? Our trademarks are Levi's, Gap, Esprit, Banana Republic, North Beach Leather--not Gaultier, Rykiel, Karan or Roméo Gigli. This issue is a celebration of a city that does what it wants. So go ahead, wear a T-shirt in the financial district and urban combat boots to the opera. If it's comfortable and not an endangered species, it's in style here.

Photographs by Craig Scoffone.
Assistants: Raul Vega, Ania Gonzalez.

Christy Tibal
Castro resident Christy "I'm writing a screenplay" Tibal sports a boxy lime green shirt from Nana, baggy Hilfinger jeans, black boots and glasses from Eye Gotcha.

Tom Dimuzio
Software tester and musician Tom Dimuzio of Golden Gate Heights hangs outs in a T-shirt from an obscure software company he once worked for underneath an Army surplus jacket he's had for years. Black jeans and Nike Airs complete the look.

Rory Thompson
KQED radio reporter Rory Thompson of Ocean Beach looks put-together in a patchwork brown 1970s faux leather jacket from the Salvation Army and shades purchased at a Mobil station in upstate New York.

Jessica Eichler
Lower Haight resident Jessica Eichler, 25, looks simply divine in a crucifix and an embroidered vintage sleeveless top that she received as a gift.

DJ Cut-n-Paste of Folsom Street Fair fame wears suspenders and an undershirt beneath a double-breasted black pinstripe blazer plucked from Goodwill. Well-worn Doc Martins and seven earrings round out his look.

Brett Snyder
Brett Snyder of the Richmond, an actor and day-care worker, wears a red cotton sweater (Goodwill, $1), a necklace made "from stuff I found on the street," purple nail polish, blue cords and sandals made of recycled tire treads.

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From the August 1997 issue of the Metropolitan.

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