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The Wharf Look

Photos and text by David Boyer

It's a tale of two cities--the one we live in, and Fisherman's Wharf. But as tourism becomes a larger and larger slice of our city's economy (and population), any serious discussion of San Francisco fashion must include a peek at what the tourist set is wearing this summer.

So, we set our shutterbugs loose at Pier 39 one recent Sunday. And what they found was, well, exactly what you think they would.

dressing alike
dressing alike
Buying Bulk: Here's an odd trend-- family members dressing alike. Is it in case they get separated? Or something genetic?

SF logos
SF logos
Street Cred: Wearing it as a reminder of your vacation once you get home is one thing (and still fashionably questionable). But why tourists throw on an SF sweatshirt (or jacket or hat or tank top) while they're here boggles the mind. Is it an attempt to fit in? To look like locals? More likely, the "two for $19.95" signs are fueling this trend.

sandals sandals
Sandals: Some should never be worn with socks,
others simply should never be worn.

Frisco Kids: They walk a half dozen feet in front of or behind their parents. They're suburban hoodlums cutting loose. They're dressed for mayhem, ready for anything.

stars and stripes
God Bless: Now SF is not a hotbed of patriotism, but that doesn't stifle the flag-waving that goes on 24-7 at the wharf. And if you've left your stars and stripes back home, worry not; you'll have plenty of options.

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From the August 1997 issue of the Metropolitan.

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