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Dress the Part

Why buy local? No transportation costs. No gas use. Eco-friendly fabrics. Imagination, individuality. And small, artisan designers don't run sweatshops. Where to find locally designed fashion in the city.

Asphalt, 551 Hayes St., 415/626-5196

Behind the Post Office, 1510 Haight St., 415/861-2507

Grand, 1435 Grant Ave., 415/951-0131

Labyrinth Phassions and Costumes, 463 Haight St., 415/552-3082

Manifesto, 514 Octavia St., 415/431-4778

One by Two, 418 Hayes St., 415/252-1460

Penelope Starr, 136 Fillmore St., 415/621-7970

Salon de Thé, 6 Brady Alley, 415/863-8391

And check out the ISM Web site at http://www.Fabric8.com.

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From the August 1997 issue of the Metropolitan.

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