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Form + Function

[whitespace] Running the gamut from chunky wool pullovers to sequined twin sets, a sweater is the perfect creature comfort. Warm up to this season's cozy mix of utility and style.

Photographer Sophie Kamin
Stylist Diana Rupp

sweater Antonia sits pretty in a vintage pearl-white beaded twin set, Urban Outfitters.

sweater Jeanne wears an American Cheese black-and-gray asymmetrical jumper, Asphalt.

Hide wears a Shetland wool cardigan, J. Crew.

sweater Ken in a gray DKNY ribbed turtleneck, Macy's.

sweater Cathy and Jane wear Nisa sweaters, one in a charcoal gray V-neck with purple stripes and the other in a blue crew-neck with a sage stripe.

Caelan sports a blue ABE ski sweater, Nordstrom.

Jacob and Dorine in gray DKNY turtleneck, Macy's, and blue, 3/4-length hoodie, Penelope Starr.

sweater Nika and Kawal in an XOXO pink wrap-around with faux fur collar, Macy's, and blue ABE ski sweater, Nordstrom.

Sweater Finder
Asphalt, 551 Hayes St.
Macy's, 170 O'Farrell St.
Nisa, 415/865-0451.
Nordstrom, 865 Market St.
Penelope Starr, 136 Fillmore St.
Urban Outfitters, 80 Powell St.

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From the September 7-20, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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