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Job Interview

[whitespace] Rick Gaub

Newspaper Man

Don't have time to read the paper? Find it a tad boring? For those lucky commuters who get on and off BART at the Embarcadero station, there's Rick Gaub.

He not only mans the Chronicle/Examiner stand, but for almost two decades he's also offered his spin on the day's headlines in the form of a 5-foot-high handwritten sign. Recently, associate editor David Boyer caught up with Rick during the evening rush hour (admittedly bad timing) and found out just what makes Ricky run.

David: What is your job?

Rick: To sell newspapers, but I do the signs on my own to entertain people. Right after the afternoon edition comes out--about three o'clock--I go through the paper.

David: How long have you been doing it?

Rick: I've been here since '78--20 years--and I've been doing the sign since the early '80s.

David: Do you like it?

Rick: Oh yeah, it's interesting. And people make lots of comments on [the sign].

David: What's the biggest story of the year?

Rick: The biggest thing I can think of right now is the Clinton/Monica Lewinsky thing, and before that it was the Clinton/Paula Jones thing. Before that it was Clinton and Gennifer Flowers, I suppose.

David: If you weren't doing this, what might you be doing?

Rick: Advertising. I have a lot of commercial ideas, and I'm just kind of sitting on them right now. But when I get everything together I might [work in advertising]. But I've been doing this since I was 12--selling papers--and I'm 45 now.

David: Favorite movie you've seen in the last six months?

Rick: You know, I haven't seen many movies lately. I haven't seen any new ones because I work a double shift; I work in the morning and the evening so I just don't get a chance to see new movies.

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From the September 7-20, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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