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Tara Takes on New York

Dear Tara!
This guy I've been seeing for two months just got this great job offer! Only thing is it's in New York! He asked me if I wanted to move with him! Can you believe it?! He's so romantic! But I don't know what to do!!! New Yorkers are real tough and aggressive, I hear, but I consider myself open and friendly, like, really open and friendly! So my question is, Could someone like me make it in the Big Apple???!!!
Signed, Local Yokel

Dear Local,
I'm so glad you asked this very important question. Actually, I could take or leave the question, but what it makes me think of is very important. It makes me think of myself five years ago, a penniless teenage runaway, alone and scared in a big city. It makes me think of what got me through those years. It makes me think of affirmations.

Affirmations are concise little mantras we repeat to ourselves whenever we need a hit of self-confidence. For instance, whenever I get into an argument with someone and they stupidly won't see things my way, I simply sing to myself (or out loud), "This person is dangerous, they should be locked up." Lo and behold, I start feeling great again!

When it's a whole environment that's tweaking me out--for example, a world in which there is no prime-time Tara Limbaugh TV show--I must first check in with myself before I make my affirmation. "Tara, why don't you have your own TV show?" I ask myself. "Is the whole world insane?" Honesty forces me to answer, "Yes." Then I can safely proceed with my chant: "Locked up, locked up, you all should be locked up." And wouldn't you know it, I feel flooded with relief!

So, Local, try some affirmations of your own--or be the target of one of mine.
Hope that helps, Tara

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From the September 7-20, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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