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[whitespace] Elizabeth Kolb Mini Driver

By Michael Stabile

Name and Age: Elizabeth Kolb, 24

Height: 4-foot-11

Weight: 119 lbs. ("But I carry it well.")

Point of Origin: Boston, originally, but most recently from New York

What is the nature of your stay in San Francisco?: I am attending San Francisco State to finish up my premed requirements and become an ob/gyn for adolescent girls.

Where will you be staying?: At the moment, I'm staying with my brother and his new wife in Oakland. I am looking for an apartment in, obviously, the Mission. I'm down with the Western Addition except that it's far from things, although the distance from SF State to the Western Addition is two thumbs up. Cheap is key. I have no money and no furniture.

How long do you plan to stay here?: I subleased my room in New York for a year, so I'll probably be here August to August. I realize that's a little bit spacey.

Is San Francisco your final destination?: I'm planning to settle back in New York. I'd say [my stay] is a little jaunt. It's a field trip to the West Coast. I definitely see this as a finite visit.

How did you arrive?: I drove here in a little sporty red Toyota Corolla [nicknamed] Valhalla with my friend Jenna, who lives in Oakland. Ten days and lots of ephedrine.

What have you brought with you? Any plants or animals?: I brought the car and only things that would fit in the car. Two bags of clothes, some textbooks, a box of kitchen stuff--saffron and stuff. Scratch that--I suppose that's a plant [which are illegal to import into California]. I brought the new Beasties album, which I got ahead of time, and the soundtrack from He Got Game. My leather jacket--it's hard to go anywhere without it. I brought some good stuff, but the rest is private.

Do you have anything to declare?: Bring it on, feeling strong! [Laughs] I couldn't ask for a nicer day. I've lived here before. I have a California driver's license, so it's almost like I'm home here. I'm also a better driver than most Californians, so I'm pretty much making the roads safer. Also, I'm a whole fuck load of fun. When I leave, it's gonna be like a hit-and-run.

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From the September 21-October 4, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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