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Hard Wear

[whitespace] From stainless-steel construction to data recall, the trendiest men's watches are more than just a pretty face

Photographer Conrado Velasco
Stylist Diana Rupp


G-Shock's G-Cool telememo function holds up to 100 phone numbers and is shock-resistant, $150

Nike's sporty Triax has data recall (perfect for storing lap times), seven alarms and an ergonomically shaped PVC band, $135

Swatch Scuba with rotating bezel resists water to 200 meters, $55


Classic Calibri pocket watch with magnifying glass cover and alarm, $90

Storm's Digicom has a futuristic digital time setting and red contour-case design, $95

Analog Multi-Chronograph by Festina with two alarms and a stopwatch, $350

All watches from Watch Zone2319 Market St415/621-6325

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From the September 21-October 4, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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