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Picks by Todd Dayton (TD) and Andrew Shriver (AS)

Title of Record

Title of Record
Reprise Records

"Huge": a rather complimentary four- letter word and one that aptly sums up Filter's sophomore effort, Title of Record. Richard Patrick, one-shot guitarist with Nine Inch Nails, has covered his ass with huge guitars and gigantic melodies dripping with one infectious hook after another. It's nice to see Filter being and sounding more like a band rather than the Richard Patrick Experience. Part Jane's Addiction, part techno-goth love-to-be-dumped-on, and yes, part Nine Inch Nails, Title of Record picks up where Short Bus dropped us off four years ago--only this time driving with reckless abandon. (AS)

The Get Up Kids

Something to Write Home About
The Get Up Kids
Doghouse Records

On their sophomore release, Kansas City-bred the Get Up Kids weave an intricate tale brimming with big beats, kitschy keyboards, wonderful dynamics and song arrangements that demand the listener's attention. These Midwest lads have taken emo-indie rock and melded it with a little bit of British garage rock and whole lot of punk-fused attitude. Think Sunny Day Real Estate all juiced up on mini-thins. The buzz on the Get Up Kids is nearing a mild roar due in large part to their relentless touring and kinetic live performances. Do yourself a favor; pick up the album, learn the songs and see the Kids live. It'll give you something to write home about. (AS)


Maverick Records

The name of their debut may be the only uninspired thing about this trio of youngsters from a sleepy English village. Drawing inspiration from the likes of the Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead without stealing either's sound, Muse digs deep inside to find the broken soul that makes for great music. Practically every track drips with emotion, coupled perfectly with driving, crashing pop. Singer/guitarist Matthew Bellamy's got a honey-coated falsetto that would make a eunuch die of envy, but this kid's got balls too. He tears into gravelly angst anthems at the drop of a pick. The album's title track is a seething, introspective gem. "Sunburn" and "Cave" alternate between sweet and gut-wrenching in perfect arena-rock form. Clear the shelves for this one; it's a keeper. (TD)

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From the September 27, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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