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Border Patrol

[whitespace] Greg Keller

Crab Attack

By Michael Stabile

Name: Greg Keller

Age: 24

Sign: Cancer

Point of Origin: Brooklyn, NY

Name: T'chaka Sikelianos

Age: 24

Sign: Cancer

Point of Origin: Austin, TX

Michael: What is the nature of your stay in San Francisco?

Greg Keller: I am going to be attending the American Conservatory Theatre advanced training program to get a master's in acting.

T'chaka Sikelianos: I'd never been further west than Austin, Texas. I figured San Francisco was about as far west as you can get.

M: Where will you be staying?

GK: That is unknown at the present. We're looking for housing all over.

TS : Really anywhere, except the Tenderloin.

GK: And not South San Francisco. Right now, we're just staying with friends of ours.

M: How long do you plan to stay in San Francisco?

TS: One to three ... to five years.

GK: If I enjoy school and think it worthwhile--it's a three-year program--it'd probably be a three-year stay, but it's possible that I would leave before ... or after.

M: Is San Francisco your final destination?

GK : No, we're using it [laughs]--we're trying to milk it for all it's worth for the next three years.

TS: I kind of thought it was a nice, uh, combination between Austin and New York City. What's the word I'm looking for?

GK: Compromise?

TS: Compromise. Thank you.

M: Have you brought anything with you?

TS : Clothes, one of those foldable butterfly chairs, a guitar, a rug ...

GK:  ... a phone, some textbooks.

TS: A big heavy jacket made out of leather and suede which I think may be too heavy [for San Francisco]. And a book. I'm trying to read the Bible [laughs].

GK : We stopped through Las Vegas on the way. We definitely needed some spiritual healing after that.

M: Do you have anything to declare?

GK: Only my genius! [laughs] Stole that one from Wilde.

TS : I don't know. Should we declare the city of San Francisco ours?

GK: I declare!

TS: I declare all San Franciscans will have crabs by the time I leave.

GK: I declare I'm being pinched right now. Ow! Ow! Ohhh!

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From the October 5-18, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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