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Concrete Runway

[whitespace] Topher Lewis Words & Pictures by Thendara Kida

Name: Topher Lewis

Age: 22

Origin: Southern California

What do you do?: Presently hanging out and venturing into new surroundings having just moved from Scottsdale, Ariz. Working four different jobs: Luichiny, Villans Vault, Space (a hair salon) and Ron Pernal Hair Studio. Hoping to work on dual careers in fashion design and hairstyling.

What are you wearing today?: Shoes are Swear, purchased at Last Chance for $5. Diesel parachute pants from the Diesel store, a matching striped Diesel tank top underneath a black Calvin Klein T-shirt and cheapo $11 sunglasses so it doesn't matter if they break. Oh, and one Adidas sock and one Nike sock.

What made you move to SF?: Wanted to move away from childhood home and family to allow myself to grow inside. San Francisco also had both the career opportunities and offered the ability to exist without a car. Scottsdale doesn't have the culture of San Francisco; it was built in 1912--too young of a city--and has a lot of strip malls and retirement villages.

What magazines do you read?: Wallpaper, Paper, Details, GQ, Mixmag.

How do you feel about San Francisco style?: Very eclectic for the West Coast.

Where do you feel is the best place to seek out wardrobe items?: Thrift stores, because labels present pre-assembled outfits; to go to a thrift store is to use your own imagination and determine for yourself what's hot.

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From the October 19-November 1, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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