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Wrap It Up

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Click On: Sassy and stylish clothes and accessories from fierce New York designers are just a click away at Girlshop.com.

We all know there's a bazillion fashion shopping sites out there, most of which are more QVC than Saks Fifth Avenue. So I decided to go online and bag a few choice items for myself. Here are a few I recommend:

Eye Candy

Girlshop.com showcases the cutest clothes and accessories from fierce New York designers. As sassy as they are stylish, the Girlshop "boutiques" give customers the lowdown on colors, sizes and prices, as well as the look and fit of each piece, like whether something's a tight squeeze, a boob enhancer or completely see-through. There's also a search function (which allows you to quickly scan the racks when you're in a hurry) and a registry to spare you and your loved ones the guesswork that often accompanies holiday gift-giving ("No more guilt-ridden, secretive trips to exchange unwanted gifts"). I have to admit I was a complete sucker for the merchandise and could barely resist purchasing a to-die-for Pixie Yates denim handbag--with an embroidered La Tour Eiffel and beret-clad French poodle--at least until after deadline. Très bon!

Now's The Time When We Dance!

Those nutty Germans are at it again. The biggest draw of the Berlin-based Wacker Eins! (www.wacker1.com) is their Hall of Fame, which features more than a few Sprockets-worthy Deutschen modeling their own Wacker Eins! creations. And the clothes aren't bad. From a belted, knee-length coat dress to a button-up camel jacket to a classic black leather blazer, the fall/winter '98 ready-to-wear collection for men and women is surprising sedate and well worth checking out.

Drop Trou

Underneath.com exposes the hidden world of men's skivvies. Order undergarments pour l'homme by brand-name designers like Calvin Klein, Guy Laroche, Sauvage and 2ixst or enroll that special someone (or yourself) in the Boxer of the Month Club. Simply sign up for three, six or 12 months and receive a unique boxer short each month, with thematic special editions guaranteed to ring in the holidays. Even with all this goodness to choose from, my hands-down favorites were briefs from Ergo's e2u line. Created by a female engineer for the well-endowed man, these state-of-the-art unmentionables feature an oversized 3-D pouch for greater room, comfort and support, virtually eliminating the need to "adjust." Tighty whities are forever a thing of the past.



If you've ever wished you could afford a personal fashion consultant, there's a new interactive CD-ROM to do the job. Fashion Trip works like this: simply consult the "experts" in the Fashion Finder for advice on what to wear (based on your age and body type) or cruise the virtual mall on your own or with "friends" via a chat room. A three-dimensional mannequin tries on the outfits, and purchases are made over the Internet. The good news: no more annoying hangers, body-distorting mirrors and depressing fluorescent lighting. The bad news: retailers range from the painfully trendy XOXO, Wet Seal, Urban Decay and Bongo to the only slightly more interesting Charles David by Natalie M, Diesel, Nicole Miller and Steve Madden. Satisfying as a Cinna Bon, one can only hope this software runs real-world malls out of business.

Visit www.fashiontrip.com to sign up for a free demo.

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From the October 19-November 1, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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