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Job Interview

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Greg Roden

Fantasy Maker

Everyone wants to have a job that changes someone's life, but sadly, few people do. On a recent rainy Sunday, Todd Dayton ran into Maureen, a dominatrix who had only moments before made a real difference in one man's life. She cheerfully shared the secrets of her true happiness and how she spreads it in the modern world.

Todd: What is your job?

Maureen: I am a fantasy maker. I do all sorts of fantasy and fetish play, S&M, B&D, wrestling, TV transformations, you name it. Whatever someone's fantasy is, as long as it's safe and legal, is what I get into.

How long have you been doing this?: On and off for about seven years.

How did you get into it?: I read an ad in the paper, and I was interested. It said, "Lots of fun. Fantasy, fetish play. No sex involved." I thought it sounded like a great thing. I wanted to check out the S&M scene here, and I didn't know how to get involved. So I jumped right into the middle of it.

Do you like it?: I love it. It's a family-type environment, which means it can be really wonderful and all the things you love about your family--and can also be all the things you hate about your family. It's support. It's somewhere that I can always come back to. That part of it I love. And I feel that we make a difference, and I love that too.

What is one of the greatest things about your job?: Anytime I get a letter from somebody that says that I've changed their lives in some way, that I've helped them in some way to ... whatever it may be. I've received a few of those letters, and a few thank-yous, and I think that's the best part about it. It's not just about beating people up, but it's about reaching that point and using sensual play and using pain to get inside, to open some doors and dig around in there--and to give people a way to dig around in there as well. And when it really starts to make a difference and open itself up, it's a good feeling to know that you have helped them do that. And it helps me too.

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From the October 19-November 1, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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