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Real Fashion

Goes to the Opera

Text: David Boyer
Photographs: Elana Koff

Women die. Husbands cheat. And people have difficulties putting together their outfits. Sure, they're rich, beautiful, smart and sophisticated, but opera-goers are human. And as these photos reveal, some are capable of gross errors in judgment.

bad hair bad hair
Hair: Maybe they're hoping to be cast in upcoming productions. Unfortunately, it's unlikely this company's going to tackle the Bo Derek or Carol Channing story anytime soon.

bad shoes bad shoes bad shoes
Even If the Shoe Fits: Don't wear it with a skirt.

bad flowers bad flowers
Prune This: Send them, arrange them, from time to time stop to smell them. Just don't wear them.

bad accessories bad accessories bad accessories
Accessories to Murder: How to kill a perfectly good outfit ... a brooch here, a bauble there, a massive gold flower right in the center of your chest.

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From the October 1997 issue of the Metropolitan.

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