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Concrete Runway

[whitespace] Jennifer Adams Haight and Stanyan

Words & Pictures Thendara Kida

Name: Jennifer Adams

Age: 26

What do you do?: I'm a secretary for the San Francisco Unified School District.

What are you wearing?: Dress--This is going to sound cheesy, but I thought it was so cute and it was on sale for $9.99 at Clothestime. Shoes--On sale at the Stonestown mall.

Where are you from?: Born and raised in San Francisco. I got my degree in art history and communications in Boston, but didn't like it there. This is home.

Why do you like San Francisco?: It's a beautiful city, very eclectic. You can be unique without being looked down upon--no particular costume differentiating different groups or classes.

Where do you shop?: Don't really go out on shopping trips--usually just meander through stores when going past them.

Where do you get your hair cut?: Americuts or Supercuts. I like bargains and all it is is a simple blunt cut, so why should I pay $80 for something so simple? I dye it myself or have a friend do it.

What magazines do you read?: I don't subscribe to any. I'll pick up Vogue if it's lying around. The only magazines I read consistently are SF Weekly and the Guardian.

Do you think women's magazines are problematic in their representations of women?: Depending on the reader's perspective, I think they are a symptom of societal problems rather than a pressure.

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From the November 2-15, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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