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[whitespace] Johnny Goody Concrete Runway

Van Ness & Geary

Words & Pictures by Shay Nielsen

Name: Johnny Goody

Age: 25

What do you do?

I sell water filters and wait at Mel's Diner.

What are you wearing?

shirt: provided by Mel's Diner
pants: Mel's Diner
shoes: approved by OSHA
faux-satin bow tie: Mel's Diner
soiled bus-rag: stains courtesy Mel's patrons

Where are you from?

San Francisco

Where do you get your hair done?

South City

What is your favorite magazine?

Xena Comics

Where do you like to go out at night?

Night yields naught but terror for one such as I.

Where do you hope to be for the Millennium?

In bed, but I'll be at Mel's.

How do you feel about San Francisco's fashion scene?

I think it's a blend.

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From the November 8, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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