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[whitespace] Red Bull

San Fran-Psycho

By Jack Shamama

San Franciscans have gotten over crystal meth, ecstasy and cocktail culture, and with any luck we'll all get over this latest flurry of cocaine with our septums undeviated. For those who aren't already in recovery, the clubberati are turning in droves to the wonders of Red Bull. The caffeinated energy drink which is boosted by the power of taurine has found a home in a lowball glass with vodka. Alternately called the American Psycho (after Bret Easton Ellis' seminal '90s text) and Liquid Cocaine (for its quasi-euphoric effect), it hasn't yet caught on at every bar, but most clubs carry it--if not by one of the above monikers, then by the simple naming of its ingredients. Either way, it sure beats Stoli and Soda, last season's minimalist sensation.

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From the November 8, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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