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Real Fashion

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Pairing Off

Words by Todd Dayton
Photos by Greg Roden

They say you can tell a lot about a man just by looking at his shoes. Can the same be said for the ladies? See if you can match the footwear (in the above photo) to its proper owner.

Chelsea Chelsea

What do your shoes mean to you?: They're pretty much just style. I like to express myself and they just fit my personality and my type of clothing, I guess. That's all.

Have you ever kicked anyone's ass?: Yeah. No, actually I haven't. But I could, because these [shoes] are pretty mean.

What's the best thing about your shoes?: They go with all of my outfits. And they kick ass.

Nina Nina

What's special about your shoes?: They're comfortable.

Where did you get them?: Haight Street.

What do your shoes say about you?: They're work shoes. I work.

What would you be wearing if you weren't wearing them?: Probably sandals or tennis shoes.

If you were going to go out to eat, what would you order wearing these shoes?: Steak.

Debbie Debbie

What can you tell me about these shoes?: These are an attitude. I invested in an attitude when I bought these [shoes].

How many pairs of shoes do you own?: Probably about 20.

And where do these rank on the list?: Number one. I bought them for my birthday. They're really fun. They're really comfortable, they're beautiful leather and they feel good. I feel sexy in them, and they're just great to wear.

Where do shoes rank on your list of accessories?: Probably number one. They're important.

What is your favorite thing to do in these shoes?: Strut. Or dance. Strut mostly.

Noelle Noelle

What do your shoes mean to you?: They mean comfort.

Where did you get them?: Banana Republic.

How do they make you feel when you are wearing them?: Light and airy.

What's important about shoes for the modern woman?: Comfort, but I don't think they should be too big, fat and huge. There's a fine line.

Do you want people to notice you in these shoes?: Not really. No.

Are they more about you than about anyone else?: Yes.



Why are you so obsessed with shoes?: I love shoes. I spend hundreds of dollars on shoes. It's ridiculous. I won't even eat. It's true. I'm convinced that shoes are the instant way to tell about a person's personality. You can tell tons of things about a person from their shoes. Only certain people wear Docs. Only certain people wear those huge tennis shoes where they don't lace them and leave them hanging open. Those puffy Reeboks.

I'm convinced that you can wear the shoddiest clothes of all time, but if you have good shoes it makes up for it.

What do your shoes say about you?: That I'm a little bit on the funky side. And I like naked heels.

Anna Anna

What are the most comfortable shoes?: Fornarinas are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn in my entire life. I would buy stock in these shoes because I never want to wear anything else ever again. If I need to go somewhere and I need to be quick about it, I put these on because I feel like I'm floating on air and I don't have to worry about my feet hurting. I could walk miles. And I get the lift.

So what do people's shoes say about their personalities?: Everything. Shoes make an outfit. An outfit is a reflection of who you are. Your shoes are the basis of that. No matter how fine the outfit is, if the shoe doesn't go with it, it doesn't work.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?: Maybe 20 .. 50.

A: Debbie  B: Noelle  C: Chelsea  D: Nina  E: Anna  F: Eunice

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From the November 16-29, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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