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[whitespace] One Card Monte

By Mark Ewert

I feel exhausted, like, all the time. I have a fairly demanding job, and between lifting weights and swimming my body gets a pretty rigorous workout six times a week, but still I feel like I'm too tired. What's up? Workaholism, anemia, burnout?
Roger Wayne, Daly City

Nine of Pentacles (individual enjoyment of the good things in life; gratitude, appreciation)

Your health is fine. There's nothing wrong with you physically, it's your attitude that needs readjustment. Chances are you're pursuing your daily endeavors with a sense of duty and obligation, so you start to resent what you do, and then, yes, you do get burned out. You must cultivate luscious sensual enjoyment even when you're pumping iron or answering email. You sound pretty blessed to me, in that you get to call the shots in your life. So appreciate that, man, be grateful. For the next month stick to activities you can do in an engaged yet pleasurable manner. No one's holding a gun to your head to force you to a life of dull routine .

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From the November 22, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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