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Klothing Karma

For good wardrobe karma, a purchase at Manifesto offers a lot

By Heidi Pollock

Clothing karma counts. Every discount fashion coup, every item made in a foreign land by an exploited worker under the direction of an industry with an inhumane concept of the ideal figure, erodes your stockpile of good karma.

But you can rebalance your karmic clothing debt, increase the stylishness of your wardrobe and learn about the real meaning of quality all with a single purchase from Manifesto. Dispensing clean, smooth clothing for men and women, Manifesto is one of San Francisco's infamous Independent Style Merchants. Their styles prove that home-grown fashion does not have to equal some tie-dyed, summer-of-love, B.F. Skinner utopian wet dream. This is local fashion for people living in the present.

And as for Made in America: These clothes are made in front of your eyes. You can watch actual people cutting fabric for clothes of their own design. Placate the Fates, shop Manifesto.

Manifesto, 514 Octavia St., Hayes Valley, San Francisco.

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From the November 1997 issue of the Metropolitan.

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