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[whitespace] Pisa Bar Nuts

Pisa makes a stunning entrance in the high-end nut liqueur market

By Michael Stabile

So normally I wouldn't bother with some upscale Frangelico for this column, but it's raining and as my seasonal affective disorder dictates, I must drink more and more coffee, which--in addition to my daily dose of Vitamin P--makes me a bit jittery. Also it gets dark early, which means that if you go out drinking for happy hour, you often get confused and wind up drunk by 8pm. My point is this: we need to start thinking more about coffee drinks if we're going to make it through le bebe or whatever form El Niño happens to take this year. Instead of heading to the bar, head home and make a nice cuppa coffee with a sipping liqueur. Sambuca will do, with its licorice bite, but what fun is it without having the bartender use that obscure code of coffee beans to signal his attraction to you? Grand Marnier might work, if you want to sip coffee alongside DayQuil. Pisa is my choice. And not just because saying "nut liqueur" out loud makes me guffaw. Its delicate nutty flavor is far superior to its nonpremium, Mrs. Butterworth-bottle contemporaries. So stay out of the bars tonight. Coffee in one hand, nut liqueur in the other. And see if you can't find something good to watch on cable.

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From the December 6, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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