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Omens With Wings

By Mark Ewert

EVERY ARTIST KNOWS that art is a magical process. Stevee Postman, creator of the beautiful new Tarot deck The Cosmic Tribe, not only understands this, he depends upon it. "When you live on the edge, you have access to a whole other energy," he says. "While working on the [Tarot] deck, I was plugged into a bigger picture beyond my doing. I had to trust that when I stepped out into space and put my foot down, there would be something there." And there always was. Money, models and various kinds of aid came to Stevee whenever he needed them. He says that "everything just leapt into place."

Auspicious omens winged their way over his path, literally. "I've always loved crows, and this friend I was traveling with, as I was finishing the deck, has had a connection with hummingbirds. As we were driving, we came across this large black crow dead in the road. We put it in the trunk, but it got all smelly and rotted in the heat, so we gave it a nice burial. As we were moving away, my friend said, 'Stevee, look!' There was a ring of crows turning in the air at the foot of the mesa we were on. We climbed our way down for a closer look. The crows were circling a smaller ring of hummingbirds. They were all dancing."

Stevee's new Tarot deck, The Cosmic Tribe, is available in select stores or call 415/905-9393.

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From the December 7-20, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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