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[whitespace] The Skinny on Dermabrasion

How Marie Got Her Groove Back

By Cory Feldman

What some people won't do to get smooth legs, shiny skin and a buffed exterior wherever bumps and hairs appear. But doing it without getting knifed, shot up or tweaked can be as difficult as peeling white off rice. Well, abracadabra! Vanishing Point offers a variety of fairly painless polishing services, including the magical "Micro Dermabrasion"--an intensive treatment using special micro crystals to deeply exfoliate and immediately improve the texture and appearance of the skin, with no recovery time.

This procedure was tested by our human guinea pig, Marie.

Marie went in for one 15-minute session ($125). She came back less than a half hour later, a little pink-faced, and had this to say:

Were you scared?

I was apprehensive.

Was it clinical or more like a holistic massage experience?

It was very professional.

Did they make you wear a backless robe?

Why'd you ask that?

Did it hurt?


Did it smell?


Did it feel good?

Yeah, but it left little pieces of sand in my ear--I think I still have some. Hold on. [Rubs her ear canal with pinky.]

What did you expect it would do?

Exfoliate and make my skin soft.

Did it work?

Yes. But she said I would need five more sessions for it to have the maximum benefit.

Would you do it again?

Yes, I would like to go back. It was very informative, professional and rewarding.

Vanishing Point also offers cellulite treatment and hair removal procedures. Although Marie wasn't able to test drive any of these high-tech services, we are willing to stand by them based on the rigor of the test results and the subject's high degree of glow and satisfaction .

Vanishing Point, 4092 18th St., 415.552.0600

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From the December 20, 1999 issue of the Metropolitan.

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