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99 People to Watch in 99

[whitespace] So who's going to do great things this year? When the Metropolitan staff looked into its magic '99 crystal ball, there were scores of fresh faces--plus some old dogs with plenty of new tricks up their sleeves. Meet DJ Polywog, fashion designer Susan Robinson, comedienne Winifred April Elam, filmmaker Matt Leutwyler, curator Patrick Hinds, restaurateur Laurent Katgely--and the rest of the class of '99.

People A-C
People D-G
People H-L
People M-P
People Q-S
People T-Z

Compiled by Christine Brenneman (CB), Andy Gilbert (AG), Michelle Goldberg (MG), Hank Hyena (HH), Chris Knight (CK), David Mills (DM), Leonard Niles (LN), Amanda Nowinski (AN), Christa Palmer (CP), Kerry Reid (KR), Diana Rupp (DR), Jenny Shears (JS), Michael Stabile (MS) and Richard von Busack (RVB)

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From the December 21, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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