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Behind Doors

By Mark Ewert

Sheri, a cute entrepreneur in the Upper Haight, says that the spirit world is all around us and the doors leading into it are everywhere."My grandmother was majorly into this whole thing," she says. "She taught me about it--how to see into different dimensions, which are always there. By the time I was 11, I was reading tarot cards, but now I've stopped. You have to be very careful. My grandmother went crazy, lost her mind."

Sheri says that there was "something scary" in her old boyfriend's apartment. She never saw anything, but there were times when the place felt very evil, and she often had dreams about "evil, vicious" dogs when she slept over. "My boyfriend was really depressed at the time, so the spirits had an open door," Sheri explains.

One night, Sheri had a dream so scary it woke her up. The evil spirit in the apartment told Sheri that it could enter her boyfriend anytime it wanted and make him "not feel anything and be really deadpan."

In my humble opinion, what's most supernatural about this story is how many of us have gone out with guys possessed by this same evil spirit. Somebody close the door!

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From the December 21, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

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