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[whitespace] Still a 'Thrill'

Upcoming Shirley Horn CD is a romantic affair

By Greg Cahill

MILES DAVIS discovered vocalist Shirley Horn in a Washington, D.C., piano bar in the mid-'60s and immediately recognized her immense talent as a ballad singer. Over the years, the two paid tribute to each other in odd ways--it was Horn who persuaded Davis, after a long hiatus, to begin recording ballads shortly before the trumpet legend's death. And, in 1998, she earned a Grammy Award for the gorgeous I Remember Miles (her last seven albums have garnered Grammy nominations). You're My Thrill (Verve), scheduled for a Feb. 27 release, is classic Horn, a sultry seasoned romantic--never overly sentimental or bitter--who blows smoke rings around jazz/pop singer Diane Krall.

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From the February 8-14, 2001 issue of the Northern California Bohemian.

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