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[whitespace] Honoring Women's History

By Paula Harris

TO CELEBRATE National Women's History Month, the Sonoma County Museum will feature the National Women's History Project, looking at its inception as a local phenomenon.

The exhibit, titled "Writing Women Back into History--20 Years of the National Women's History Project," will feature a collection of posters created for the organization over the years, an array of the curriculum materials developed by the NWHP, various newsletters, and examples of the organization's evolving catalogs.

The quarterly catalogs, which have expanded from eight to 32 pages over the years, list women's history materials, such as textbooks and study guides, and are the centerpiece of NWHP funding.

The posters on display will depict a variety of different themes relating to multicultural women's history created by artists from all over the country.

"Each year we want to have a unifying theme, because the entire country will be celebrating Women's History Month together," says NWHP Executive Director and cofounder Molly Murphy MacGregor. "Artists try to come up with ideas to somehow bring the theme to life."

The poster for this year's theme, "An Extraordinary Century for Women--Now Imagine the Future," is a bold graphic superimposed over the names of remarkable American women of the 20th century.

"It's a much more abstract and symbolic image," MacGregor says.

"Writing Women Back into History--20 Years of the National Women's History Project" exhibit opens Friday, March 3, with a free public reception from 6 to 8 p.m. The exhibit runs through April 2,Wednesdays through Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sonoma County Museum, 425 Seventh St., Santa Rosa. Admission is $2.

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From the March 2-8, 2000 issue of the Sonoma County Independent.

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