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This Week
April 18-24, 1996

Free Market Furor: Steve Maass of
Oliver's is taking a stand against a
proposed Lucky's superstore in Cotati.
Opponents have collected 3,000
signatures in an attempt to stop
the corporate food giant.

Arts & Entertainment
Movies: Reviews and show times for Sonoma County.

Talking Pictures: Eccentric collector/cultural observer Mickey McGowan takes a second look at Sgt. Bilko, a movie he walked out of in disgust once already.

Suburban Griot: Dar Williams sings modern-day folk music for the suburbs.

Battles Brewing: With Starbucks coming to Sonoma County, local coffee shops are girding their loins for a showdown at caffeine gulch.

The Mighty Zinn: Professor, activist, and author Howard Zinn has dedicated his life to the notion that the knowledge of history can be a powerful force for social change.

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