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Fruit Strikes Back

Workers fearful of a Mrs. Doubtfire–style "walk-by fruiting" got more than they bargained for last week when employees at Stags' Leap Vineyards in Napa found a bomb seemingly growing fresh on the vine. A fearless employee removed the fruitlike ferocity and took the explosive device to, though not inside, the Napa County Fire Station for expert inspection. This bold maneuver resulted in, among other things, the evacuation of the building. Soon enough, though, the Napa County Hazardous Device Team detonated the device. An investigation of the origin of the bomb, the fruit of human hands, is currently underway.

Women's World

Every place has its fair share of good women, but in Marin County, the fairer sex is rightly feted with a celebratory Hall of Fame. Since 1987, 83 women from the Marin community, with backgrounds as diverse as business, the arts, science, religion and sports, have been selected for the honor. They are again accepting nominations. Attributes that could make a hall-of-famer include perseverance, a progressive outlook, meaningful accomplishments, serving as a role model for girls and abused women and risk-taking. The Marin Women's Hall of Fame is sponsored by the county's Women's Commission, the American Association of University Women and the YWCA. Nominations are due Nov. 4. For more information, call 415.455.4900 or visit www.marinwomen.org.

Lion King

Humanity's encroachment on the natural world was underscored yet again in three recent Petaluma mountain lion sightings. The most recent man vs. nature sightings, complete with paw prints, took place on the west side in the city's Paula Lane neighborhood according to officials. Another mountain lion was sighted on West Street. Locals reported mountain lions twice in Petaluma during August, both in the area of I Street, which borders a rural habitat. Such mountain lion cameos have, while not becoming commonplace, occurred more often as increased development in Petaluma has crept into areas once left to nature. Tips to remember when hiking in areas shared by mountain lions: don't hike alone; keep children close; never approach or run from a mountain lion; never bend over or crouch down; attempt to appear larger; and fight back if attacked. Of course, any sightings or attacks should be reported to the sheriff's department.

--Chip McAuley

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From the September 14-20, 2005 issue of the North Bay Bohemian.

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