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By Greg Cahill

Here is a list of select endorsements in local, state, and national races:

President: Al Gore
Vice President: Joe Lieberman
U.S. Senate: Dianne Feinstein
State Senator: John Burton
U.S. Representative: Lynn Woolsey (6th District)
State Assembly: Anna Nevenic (6th District)
State Assembly: Pat Wiggins (7th District)

Proposition 32: Yes
Proposition 33: No
Proposition 34: No
Proposition 35: Yes
Proposition 36: No
Proposition 37: No
Proposition 38: No
Proposition 39: Yes

Cotati City Council: Janet Orchard, Janet Kurvers, and Will McAfee.
Petaluma City Council: Pamela Torliatt, David Glass, and Jim Mobley.
Rohnert Park City Council: Jake Mackenzie, Shawn Kilat, and Paul Stutrud.
Santa Rosa City Council: Noreen Evans, Carol Dean, Susan Gorin, and Rick Meechan.
Sebastopol City Council: Craig Litwin and Sam Spooner.
Sonoma City Council: Joseph Costello and just about anyone other than Jim Ghilotti.
Windsor Town Council: Debora Fudge and Bill Patterson.

Measure I: Rural Heritage Initiative--Yes.
Measure M: Healdsburg Growth Management Ordinance--Yes.
Measure N: Rohnert Park UGB--Yes.
Measure S: Sonoma UGB-- Yes.

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From the November 2-8, 2000 issue of the Northern California Bohemian.

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