Holiday Gift Guide 2015

50 Gifts Under $50

A gift guide for people who want to spend half a Benjamin or less

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THRIFTY PIGGY: It's all about saving the Benjamins, baby...

Well, 2015 is almost over, and the rent is still too damn high. In San Jose—the newly crowned "Richest city in America," and the surrounding Silicon Valley—there's little sign of cost of living shifting to favor the working class (or even the big-paycheck earners stuck with big housing payments) anytime soon.

The holiday season isn't helping. This year, the familiar onslaught began even earlier. The major marketing firms didn't even bother with Thanksgiving—skipping straight from hawking Halloween candy to decking the halls. Jack-o-lanterns were still flickering in the early morning dusk when the drivetime news broadcasts were interrupted by commercials trumpeting Black Friday.

But that's America. What can be done?

Nothing. That's what. So stop blubbering into that pumpkin-spice latte, grab hold of those bootstraps and do what everyone else is doing. Well... not everyone. We've got a big enough problem with credit card debt in this country as it is.

No. All that's required is to shop smart. And we're here to help. Stay on budget this year with our 2015 holiday gift guide. It's packed with 50 great gift ideas—all of them under $50. From foodies and freaks, to sports fans and bookworms, we've got something for everyone on that list, whether they've been naughty or nice.

Intro | Food/Drink | Entertainment | Hobbies/Toys | Clothing | Adult | What to Buy?