Fall Arts 2016

Silicon Valley's Culture Calendar for the Coming Season

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Exhibition District Hotel De Anza Mural.

Every year, as the long days of summer slowly fade into cooler autumn evenings, the artists come out. They come with their paint brushes in hand and guitars slung over their shoulders; those wordsmiths and poets preferring the cover of darkness, hover over their writing pads and laptops; gallery curators prepare new exhibitions and stage directors prepare to unveil the first production of the new season.

There is so much going on in the Silicon Valley art world this fall—some of it familiar, some of it rather new.

Just as the sunny season gives way to shorter days and longer nights, there is a change afoot in the South Bay's art scene. In decades past, five big arts groups dominated the Silicon Valley culture scene. These days, however, a younger, more diverse and far more fragmented cohort is stepping up to take the mantle of arts and cultural leadership in the valley. Strivig to do more with less, they are breaking out of the rigid confines of the European tradition and finding their own voices.

Click on—preferably with your datebook in hand—to find out what's in store this fall on the local arts scene. And read about the new faces of the local arts scene here.

Intro | Arts | Music | Stage | Classical | Lit | Film