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I Saw You: Scofflaw Stylist


I understand the need to make a living, but there’s more at stake here than dollars and cents. So, seeing the flashing, neon “OPEN” sign in the window of your beauty salon presented, for me, a moral conundrum. Should I snitch you out? Through the window, I could see you styling a… » Read More

I Saw You: Getting Handsy


I saw you. You were sitting next to me at the wedding—the one we were all concerned about attending, given the novel coronavirus pandemic. Well… most of us were concerned. You were just running your mouth, doing everything in your power to bring our polite conversation back to the topic of guns.… » Read More

Mummenschanz at Hammer Theatre Center

MUMMIFIED: Swiss mask theater troupe Mummenschanz turn heads with their stunning props.

Founded in 1972, the Swiss mask theater group Mummenschanz made a name for themselves by doing a lot with a little. Dressed in black spandex suits, the performers practically disappear on the all-black stage, as the eye is drawn to the wild masks and colorful props the members use to accentuate and… » Read More

Steel Betty at Carriage House Theatre

STEEL RESERVE: Drawing on all manner of Americana, Steel Betty bring their fun, folky pop to Carriage House Theatre.

Straight out of the musical hotbed of Austin, Texas, comes Steel Betty, an all-acoustic trio of multi-instrumentalists who reflect the crazy quilt of today’s American roots music. Their music is a tasty stew of country and Western, Tex-Mex conjunto, three-part harmony folk and, most prominently, old-timey mountain bluegrass—these guys can totally rip… » Read More

Norm Macdonald at the Improv

NORM CORE: Master of the understated delivery, Norm Macdonald comes to the Improv for a sold-out show.

Norm Macdonald is a cult hero. Most die-hard fans know the oddball Canadian as the Weekend Update anchor who ruthlessly skewered everyone from Hillary Clinton to O.J. Simpson. Alas, much of Macdonald’s post-Saturday Night Live career saw aborted TV series or roles in toothless Hollywood comedies—ironic considering the dry-as-a-bone Macdonald can draw… » Read More

Malaa at Pure Nightclub

MALAA-CLAVA: Bemasked EDM DJ Malaa brings the bass house to Pure Nightclub.

The mysterious, balaclava-sporting Malaa brings his ambiguous identity and hard-hitting ghetto house tunes to Sunnyvale. The producer and DJ has managed to keep his given name under wraps for five years, even as his stature has grown. Some suspect Malaa is the singular name of multiple big-name selectors, including DJ Snake, Tchami… » Read More

Dreamers’ Circus at Bing Studio

DREAM ON: Danish io Dreamers' Circus combines classical with Scandinavian folk at Bing Studio.

Dreamers’ Circus is a trio out of Copenhagen, Denmark that fuses classical music and Nordic folk (with jazz influences as well), a formula that has made them one of the most big-ticket acts in their home country. Using the basic ingredients of piano/accordion, violin and cistern (a string instrument similar to a… » Read More