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The Chinkees ... Are Back!

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REBOOT: Scenes From The Tech Interactive Reopening

HANDS ON: The newly reopened Tech Interactive continues to blur the line between art, education, museum, and interactive experience.

At the tail end of May, 443 days after its closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tech Interactive, San Jose’s family-friendly science and technology center, reopened to the public. Throughout the busy day, staff was visibly enthusiastic to see its community members again. On May 29, Tech CEO and president Katrina… » Read More

Barefoot Gen Release ‘.Wav Clube Zen’

NEW GENERATION: San Jose hip hop collective Barefoot Gen swing big on on '.Wav Clube Zen.'

Taking their name from one of the most harrowing manga series known to man, San Jose hip hop collective Barefoot Gen are like the South Bay’s answer to Odd Future. And after a slew of Bandcamp one-offs and EPs, the group swings big on their startling new LP .Wav Clube Zen. Informed… » Read More

Kruel Summer & Lot49 at Willow Den

WELCOME BACK: Lot49 (pictured) & Kruel Summer bring live music back to Willow Den.

Ah, Willow Den, how we’ve missed your subtle charm this last year. Though dim and dark, you are warm and welcome, and always contain at least a few surprises within. Since rebranding as Willow Den Public House in 2019, the Den has been making a push towards music, though that was quickly… » Read More

AC Myles at Poor House Bistro

BLUE PERIOD: There's been no shortage of reasons for the blues recently, and AC Myles will be playing them all out on Saturday. (Photo credit: Dan Wright)

AC Myles has it bad and, buddy, there ain’t no cure. Morning, noon and night, it’s there with him. The blues. On new album With These Blues, the Central Valley-born guitarist charts one man’s descent into the azure hue note by note, and fret by fret. Once described as “perhaps the only… » Read More

‘Inventarios’ Closing Night at Anno Domini

LITTLE HEADS: The 'cabecitas' and figures of artist Pablo Martín's defy traditional explanation.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but Pablo Martín thinks they might be worth more than that. Mysterious and glyph-like, the ink-and-paper images in Inventarios by the Argentinian artist all aim to defeat traditional language, evoking “esoteric knowledge never meant to be spoken, but only viewed and understood intuitively.”… » Read More

R50 Livestream From Art Boutiki

ALL ERAS: There's 50 years of Rush music to choose from, and R50 say they represent it all.

It’s been more than 50 years since we first heard the mean, mean stride of Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart, and Geddy Lee, and Rush’s influence on rock in that time has been incalculable. In a livestream from Art Boutiki, R50, “The Premiere Rush Tribute Band,” pay homage to that heavy half-century, promising… » Read More

Record Store Day Returns to the Bay

REVOLUTIONS: Record Store Day is back and there are all kinds of exclusives coming to a record store near you.

A staple of the modern music industry, Record Store Day returns to the Bay this year with a raft of options for any self-respecting music lover. There’s rarities from Miles Davis and Richard Hell, a 1,000-copy yellow pressing the Lemonheads’ debut Hate Your Friends, and a complete reprinting of the early works… » Read More