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By Karen Reardanz

AFTER THE FIRE that left Mission Street's Saturn Café devastated, the staff was in need of a little good luck. They found it, in the form of the former Boston Market site at the end of Pacific Avenue--145 Laurel St. to be exact. They've already occupied the spot, but just when they'll open the doors is still up in the air. The cavernous building will offer lots more space--it's one-and-a-half times the Mission Street digs--and parking. Post-remodel, the Saturn charm will have replaced all remnants of the dining hall­esque Boston Market, and the cafe will be styled in a '50s Jetson's diner motif, according to Saturn's Tristan Nathe--and yes, the theme tables will be back.

The Saturn Café crew is in need of used restaurant equipment and skilled people to help them out with the remodel and get the beloved restaurant open and running. If anyone's interested in helping out or knows of someone with a garage full of equipment, give the Saturn folk a call at 429-8505.

Odds at the End

Kuumbwa has announced its next few months' worth of concerts, and there are some illustrious names among those jazz players. Joshua Redman, Charlie Hunter, Omar Sosa, Roy Hargrove, Ray Brown and locals India, Johnny Fabulous and Claudia Villela are all on the docket to play before April's end. Also just announced are George Clinton & the P-Funk All-Stars at the Catalyst on April 3 and the Creatures at Palookaville on May 7.

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From the February 10-17, 1999 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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