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[whitespace] By Karen Reardanz

Ax Man

BOULDER CREEK's Ed Sams, last spied theatrically haunting the Brookdale Lodge last October with his production of The Ghost Club, is about to fly to New York City. The author of the Yellow Tulip Pressbook chapbook Lizzie Borden Unlocked will offer his vast knowledge on the infamous 19th-century accused ax murderer during a panel discussion with the director of the New York City Opera. The opera company, which kicks off its run of the new opera Lizzie Borden at the Lincoln Center in March, called in Sams for his sharp expertise on the subject. Locally, Sams is planning a revival of his play Love on the Loathsome Stage by the Mountain Community Theater last this year.

Club Kids

The new kid on the local club block isn't so new anymore. The cast and crew of Club Dakota just celebrated the bar's first birthday last weekend, complete with an intimate soiree early Saturday evening that turned into a party that lasted till closing. The stylish bar/dance club--gay- and lesbian-friendly, of course--has recently revamped its music schedule, adding post-'90s tunes and country & western (!) to the mix.

Music Loss

Sad news on the music front. Ken "Big Papa" Baker, the horn section leader for blues queen Sista Monica's band for the past four years, died last week of unknown causes. The tenor saxman played on the Bay Area circuit for more than 30 years, rubbing shoulders with John Lee Hooker, James Armstrong and Ron E. Beck.

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From the February 17-24, 1999 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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