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Notes From The Underground

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On the Right Track: The Haywoods rockabilly right
on their new 7-inch.

The Roots of The Rock:
The rockabilly Haywoods release a 7-inch and Fugazi invades Watsonville

THE HAYWOODS' The Sound From Underground 7-inch. This is pretty solid roots/rockabilly stuff from these four sharp-dressed men. Chad and Johnny's slick acoustic/electric guitar licks could give Santa Cruz's coif population a complete oil change. Johnny's stylish leads on "Big Iron Wheels" work with the nifty verses like bran at the Dominican Oaks Sunday brunch. Chad's razor acoustic rhythms make me want to crack open the Pontiac Grill jukebox and shove some Haywoods into the permanent rotation. It's great to hear guitarists shine without jumping on the artificial pedal train.

Chad's shaking vocals are an acquired taste somewhat akin to Phil Alvin's, but I dug the multiple "I keep hitting the hammer on my finger" screams throughout each song. My parents found it impossible not to swing to "Rainy Day Rockin'." The humorously titled "The Way I Rock" proves these tough guys don't bend the truth that much when it comes to their reported rockdom. Not only is the music good, but The Sound From Underground is on 7-inch sweet seaweed-green vinyl, which can only intensify the way the Haywoods rock.

Contact the Haywoods: 221 Sixth Ave., Santa Cruz 95062.

A Fugazi Nation

Making one last local stop before the end of the century and the beginning of the Richard Simmons police state, Fugazi filled the capacity crowd's hearts with fine-tuned packages of emo/hardcore love. Fugazi (which in Japanese means Sapporo, the Power Ranger) shredded through a steady diet of classics as well as played some stellar newer material last Saturday at Watsonville's Vets Hall. Guy's passionate vocals and sexy dances stole the show. Ian, halo still intact, did a funny spiel about a guy at the last Watsonville show six years ago who wanted the group to play "faster and louder" and that the same guy was at this show requesting the same thing.

Fugazi's tempestuous songs exuded great musicianship and were Jordache-jeans tight. The show was chock-full of rad instrumentals, and I do know that this was a super performance from a super band.

This is only the second time I've seen thegodshatekansas, and I thought they added a little more filling to the day-old glaze of Clash-styled punk that they brought to the table the last time around. For a live set, it was nothing that was going to change the world, but it made the world a more amusing place for 30 minutes, though the bass did have some annoying effect on it. I dug the pub-like dual vocals.

Take all of the cheesy parts out of Velveeta Salt and you've got an awesome pop operation like the Muggs, who opened the night's festivities. It was weird hearing them through a big P.A., but they pulled it off. Tracy's guitar went up in smoke. Be sure to check out their shameful direct-to-video documentary, A Mugg's Life, too.


On Saturday, Feb. 27, Exhumed, Ragweed, the Gist, Ringwurm, Apeface and Meat Pizza Sandwich play Jersey's (1781 S. Winchester, Campbell). On Monday, March 1, Subtle Oak Complexity and Überhund (S.F.) play the Pizza Junxion/KZSC. On Tuesday, the Bangs (Olympia), Shaunana and the Rally play the Junxion.
Matt Koumaras

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From the February 24-March 3, 1999 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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