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Notes From the Underground

[whitespace] Good and Plenty:
Good Riddance wins 'em over on stage and on record

SINCE IT SEEMS TO BE LACKING in publicity, here's to Good Riddance, which fulfilled all expectations and sold out a massive show on Sunday at tahe Vets Hall with AFI, Ensign and Herbert (filling in for missing Nard-core reps No Motiv). I didn't make it but was prompted to listen to the new GR album by the swarms of varied opinions (generally positive) after the show.

The spanking-new album, Ballads From the Revolution, is more of the same. The kids love the beats and the sweaty choruses. I love the reek of Descendents that hangs on the lyrics, all adolescent and hurt. Singer Russ Rankin doesn't hide the affiliation, which is nice--he refers to "Clean Sheets," for example, in the song "Not With Him," and I relate despite myself.

This is typical of the album--love 'n' angst songs are splattered in with righteous ballads and reflections on dead friendships. Overall, the album would not disappoint a fan, following very much in the vein of A Comprehensive Guide, only a little cleaner and more distant. Also included is a bona-fide photo of Chuck Platt (bass) consorting with a very bloody G.G. Allin. Draw your own conclusions on that one.
Arwen Curry

X Marks the Spot

The almighty X, with original guitar ace Billy Zoom, reunited a couple weeks ago at the Trocadero. Let me tell you about my own X experience. One time I stood behind John Doe, X's illustrious bassist/vocalist, as he ordered teriyaki chicken and fries from the kitchen.

After consuming a keg of flat soda, I went to the men's room. X's drummer, D.J. Bonebrake, lined up next to me at the urinal. He asked if I expected a big crowd later. I nervously told him Social Distortion played a week before to a full house (even the Olsen Twins were in the pit), so it definitely should be packed for X.

That's when it happened--an act so vile that I am eternally prohibited from moving within 100 feet of X. Trying to establish eye contact, my pelvis rotated 45 degrees. Doe stood in horror as I sprinkled his 501's. I ran outside until the show began. "At least he was wearing jeans and not shorts," I kept telling myself.

At the show after a blistering version of "Because I Do," D.J. saw me behind a sea of pompadours. He was still wearing the same pair of jeans. He pointed his drumstick at me and mumbled something to Exene.

She gave me a sinister, yet alluring, eye--I think I made an impression.
Matt Koumaras


On Friday, Psychosomatic, the Jon Benet Stranglehold, F.U.X. and Landmine play at Three Spirits Gallery in Sand City (5pm, $5, all ages), and Slow Gherkin plays at Gilman with Siren Six, the Nobody's, Pinhead Circus and 78 Rpm's. On Saturday, the What-Nots and the Great Divide play the Bowl (for info, call 459-8367).

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From the March 5-11, 1998 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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